The show


Our beginnings

March 10th 2010 Forever King of Pop opened in Teatro Lope de Vega in Madrid.

The show had to extend its initial run twice and over 55.000 people watched the show at the theater over the 12 weeks it was on. Later on the show enjoyed two successful national tours and after that it took a leap forward to Europe and Puerto Rico. Cities like Lisbon, Paris, Prague, Warsaw and San Juan in Puerto Rico were conquered by the best show presenting Michael Jackson’s essence. Never before had a Spanish show of this nature, portraying something so remote from our own roots, had such repercussion beyond our borders. Promoters, press and international audiences were taken aback and captivated by the Spanish talent on the show.

Joseph Jackson, Michael’s father, watched the show in Spain in 2011. He was impressed and his visit resulted in the Jackson Family Foundation’s endorsement of the show. The Foundation, created by the artist’s parents, took the show on as the official Foundation show on a worldwide level. After 5 weeks in Madrid’s Teatro Nuevo Apolo, Forever toured France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, China and traveled to Latin America. Now the show is back with the goal to thrill the audience with the energy of a unique cast, working united to pass on the message and work of an incomparable artist.

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